Welcome to my cel gallery!

Please feel free to send me any inquiries if you are interested in any of my cels. I'm no longer collecting and would be happy to give a new life to my cels. :)

News & Updates

10/17/2015I updated my gallery and added some photos of cels that I never got around to putting up and I added prices reflective of my own sentimental value.
1/28/2005Yolanda's Cel Gallery now open.

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Title Last Updated
Ayashi no Ceres 1/28/2005
Card Captor Sakura 10/17/2015
Earthian 1/29/2005
El Hazard 2 1/31/2005
Elementalors 1/29/2005
Fancy Lala 1/31/2005
Fushigi Yuugi 1/29/2005
Gundam Wing 1/28/2005
Initial D 10/17/2015
Magic Knights Rayearth 1/31/2005
Maison Ikkoku 1/31/2005
Marmalade Boy 10/17/2015
Pet Shop of Horrors 10/17/2015
Slayers Try 1/30/2005
Tenshi ni Narumon 1/31/2005
Violinst of Hameln 1/31/2005
Weiss Kreuz 2/9/2005
Wish 2/9/2005
YuYu Hakusho 10/17/2015

Curator: leeyola
Gallery Created: 1/28/2005
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